About Fibashion

Garmet NewsFibashion.com is a flagship of Digital Science Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a well-established web technologies company serving global markets since 1990s. In its objective to serve new sectors in Internet Marketing it has decided to set-up and provide B2B platforms for the global Textile-Apparel and Fashion industry. Business-to-business marketing through the internet is a new trend in emerging markets as it provides access to global audience. Along with sourcing and marketing industry requirements the goal of the company is committed to keep you updated on strategic information with actionable insights on various aspects of textile, apparel and fashion industries, round the clock, across the international markets.

Fibashion will engage small, medium and large enterprises from across the value chain of the sector to develop and grow their market share. Such an engagement will enable in delivering brand promotional solutions within budgets to reach wider global audience without losing opportune time.

Fibashion through providing a Business-to-business marketing platform wants to bring together widely spread customers across the globe. To facilitate the various customers in the value chain of the industry with upcoming innovations to drive growth in the sector the company wishes to bring manufacturers, dealers, fashion trend setters under single roof and engage in a dialogue and create new business paradigms.

Fibashion in the course of building the B2B portal, keeping the industry with the updated trends, providing an opportunity for interaction also plans to develop a network within the stakeholder community. It believes that such a network will bring a suitable environment for new and continuous innovation and help the sector gain newer heights in satisfying the ever growing interests and tastes of the end-customers.

Fibashion promoters have rich experience in Internet marketing and understand emerging sector markets very well. They have been in international business for over a decade and served customers who have been satisfied, have been retained by clients for years and made them partners in their progress.


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